Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have allegedly started a trial separation.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s marriage has remained an interesting matter to those who have been following the royal family, especially to those who love Prince Harry. One netizen took to Quora and asked if there was a chance that Prince Harry and Markle would separate.

Carla Berlusconi, a British and Sussex royal superfan, provided an answer to the question. According to her, the couple has already started their trial separation.

“You mean you don’t know? It has just been announced that they have decided to start a trial separation due to the unreasonable demands and unpopularity of one of the parties. Harry is moving back to Ken Palace to be near ‘his people’ and Meghan and baby will stay at Frogmore cottage in isolation for now,” she wrote.

“It has sadly all ended in tears and many a tantrum but Meghan is set up to cash-in big style,” she added. “It’s all sadly true, I really really hoped it was going to work out. I read it just now in that popular online publication called ‘It’s the Troof ’, so it is true.”

Princess Diana’s psychic friend Simone Simmons is convinced that Markle is not the ideal woman for the prince. According to her, Prince Harry and Markle’s marriage would not last. She only give the coupe two-and-a-half to three years. She added that when the time comes, Prince Harry won’t know what hits him because he is head over heels in love with his wife.

Despite Berlusconi’s claims and Simmons’ prediction, there is no proof about the alleged trial separation. Also, Prince Harry just flashed his wedding ring while in Japan to let the world know that he is married to Markle.

Many praised Prince Harry for his act. Some described the duke as a “true family man.” Another netizen said that he is the most in love and the happiest married royal to date.

Many netizens on the online forum are positive that Prince Harry and Markle won’t separate. According to Lynn Woodward, she can’t see them separating.