BBC News made a major blunder involving Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

According to Express, the BBC made a major embarrassing blunder involving the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Tuesday 11:30 a.m. when royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell discussed the couple’s new “Travalyst” initiative that’s aimed at encouraging more environmentally friendly tourism. Instead of showing Prince Harry and Markle’s photo, they displayed the couple’s waxworks on a screen behind Witchell.

Netizens found the photo hilarious while some called out the network for being “naughty.” 

“That was very naughty BBC News Channel to use the Madame Tussauds wax models of Harry and Meghan during Nicholas Witchell's report about Prince Harry's sustainable tourism scheme,” one netizen wrote on Twitter.

“BBC News have to laugh. Serious discussion about Harry and Meghan’s use of private planes…the background picture is of the waxworks of them,” another user wrote.

The waxworks are very similar to the Sussexes that some admitted they have to check it several times if the people in the photos are real or not. Kit Bradshaw complimented the artists for a job well done since the waxworks are very similar to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex except that they are “slight dead behind the eyes look.”

Meanwhile, a different netizen made fun of it. The online user said that he wondered if Prince Harry and Markle’s waxworks also go to different museums and if they travel in private jets.

Prince Harry and Markle are in hot water for always campaigning about the environment but failing to practice what they preach. The netizens were disappointed after learning that they took four private flights in just 11 days.

Prince Harry also said that he only wanted two kids maximum to save the planet. Many accused the Duke of Sussex of being a “hypocrite” because while he encourages others to do their bits of good for the environment, he wasn’t doing his part.

On Tuesday, Prince Harry broke his silence about the private jet issue that has been plaguing him and Markle for weeks. According to him, he just did it to ensure that his family is safe. The duke stressed that the spends 99 percent of his life traveling the world by commercial flights.