Their relationship has often grabbed headlines, including ones which claimed that they were already on the verge of divorce not long after their May 2018 wedding. However, that doesn’t mean that some are still wondering if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have what it takes to make it in the long haul.

According to “Royals” podcast host Angela Mollard (via Express UK), the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have just surpassed the three-year mark when it comes to how long they’ve known one another is the thing that will be very telling about how things progress, because of what psychologists often say happens at that point in relationships.

“I’ve been thinking about this a lot, because three years is generally understood by relationship psychologists and counselors to be the point where you move out of the limerence phase,” she said. “Limerence is deeper than infatuation, but it’s the beginning of a relationship where it’s all butterflies and you laugh together all the time and you’re very amenable. Three years is around the stage where reality starts to kick in.”

She went on to add that the couple moved fast in three years, having met, married and welcomed a baby together all within that period and that she thinks those added pressures will be what things difficult for the pair as they continue to adapt.

“It’s that transition phase, to real life, with a baby, with the pressure of your jobs. There are a lot of conflicting forces within their lives,” she said. “I think they have to have a marriage that is stronger than most. And, I think that’s going to be very, very hard.

“They will have to work very hard with a lot of pressures that most people don’t endure, to make sure that they focus on their relationship staying really strong,” she added.

However, she also admitted she was “hopeful” for the couple, but reiterated they would have to work hard to overcome the pressure and keep things strong between them.

The pair have been the subject of intense scrutiny throughout their marriage, and that likely won’t end anytime soon either. Here’s hoping the couple can overcome the odds and not follow in the footsteps of either of their parents. Prince Charles and Princess Diana married in 1981 but had separated by 1992, before officially divorcing in 1996.  Markle’s parents, Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle, meanwhile, were married from 1979-1987.