Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently had an entire summer of hell after they were constantly criticized for every single move that they made.

While speaking with Page Six, some royal experts weighed in on what the royal couple experienced. Lady Colin Campbell said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s recent behavior was a public relations disaster for the Buckingham Palace. After all, the palace staff had a hard time reigning the couple in.

Last week, The Sun also said that Markle wanted to break the Internet with the help of her guest-edited piece for Vogue’s September issue. The move proved that the former actress is really the one who has been calling the shots.

“Meghan is clearly calling the shots, but she’s a minor operator who is playing in the big leagues and mucking it up in the most catastrophic fashion,” Campbell said.

Prince Harry and Markle were also criticized for taking a private jet to Ibiza and Nice. The Duke of Sussex tried to explain their decision by saying that he simply wanted to prioritize the safety of his family. However, Prince William and Kate Middleton flew to their vacation destination onboard a commercial flight.

A source said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shouldn’t be surprised with all of the criticisms being thrown at them because they preached one thing and did something else.

Prince Harry was also previously quoted as saying that he and his wife will only have two children to help protect the environment. Royal commentator Duncan Larcombe said that Prince Harry’s comments were quite surprising.

“I was stunned by Harry’s stupid comments about only having two kids when his brother has three. And this wasn’t a throwaway line — this was in a copy-approved interview. It’s madness,” he said.

But some royal experts also came to Prince Harry’s defense by saying that it’s unlikely that the new dad intended to throw shade at Prince William and Middleton.