Princess Diana wouldn’t have been ecstatic to know that Prince Harry married Meghan Markle if she were still alive, according to one author.

The shocking claim came from royal expert Lady Colin Campbell. Even though the Princess of Wales would’ve respected her youngest son’s decision to wed the “Suits” alum, this wouldn’t mean that the two female royals would get along well. While speaking with New! magazine, Campbell said that Princess Diana and Markle’s similar personalities would’ve caused tension between them. The Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex also have traits as actresses that could lead them to trouble.

“It’s not an accident that Meghan’s an actress and everyone called Diana the actress. So, I think Meghan and Diana have sufficiently similar personalities for there to have been the potential for conflict – that trouble may well have brewed down the line,” she said.

Despite Campbell’s thoughts about Markle and Princess Diana, she said that she hopes would still be able to fulfill the expectations of non-regal women marrying into the royal family. She also hopes that Markle wouldn’t suffer the same instability and hit the buffers from her new-found level of fame.

“Women [marrying into the royal family] want perpetual stardom scripted by themselves. With some it works well, with others, the results are mixed… Let’s say the jury’s out,’ she said.

Meanwhile, Campbell isn’t the first royal expert to say that Princess Diana and Markle wouldn’t have gotten along. Royal commentator Ingrid Seward told Daily Mail that Princess Diana wouldn’t have also liked how Markle has been controlling Prince Harry.

But regardless if Princess Diana likes Markle or not, she wouldn’t be very vocal about her real feelings regarding her daughter-in-law. What Princess Diana would be more open about is how fascinated she is with the dynamics between Markle and her dad, Thomas Markle Sr.

As of late, Markle still hasn’t spoken to her dad and half-siblings. There are rumors suggesting that Thomas isn’t invited to his grandson’s christening.