• Meghan Markle's clothes and jewelry during her final engagements were a tribute to Prince Harry, the United Kingdom, and Canada
  • Meghan Markle showed her eternal love for Prince Harry during their final engagements
  • Meghan Markle attended her final engagements in the UK earlier this month 

Meghan Markle reportedly showed her enduring love for Prince Harry during their final engagements in London earlier this month.

While speaking with Express, Claire Adler, a jewelry specialist, talked about the jewelry that the Duchess of Sussex wore during her final engagements. The publication revealed that Markle’s clothes and jewelry while performing her final royal duties were worth an estimated at over $21,000.

“Meghan's impeccably curated outfits during her recent London trip amounted to nothing less than expected - a veritable catwalk shows all her own. On the jewelry front, Meghan's style choices ran the gamut from costume to luxury pieces, while acknowledging her belief in sustainability, the glamour potential of affordable jewelry, promoting British and Canadian owned businesses - and demonstrating her enduring love for her husband,” she said.

During her visit to the National Theater, which Markle is a patron of, she was photographed wearing a necklace that reportedly signified that Prince Harry was accompanying her the whole time even though he wasn’t there.

“The charm necklace she wore by Sophie Lis references ’The Eternal Song’ by 19th century French poet Rosemonde Gérard. The charm reads ‘qu’hier’ ‘que demain’, alluding to the line ‘Every day I love you more, more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.’ The Love pendant is out of stock, £400, made from diamonds and rubies, set in 22-carat gold vermeil,” Adler said.

The expert also revealed that 10 percent of the sales made by the company goes directly to the White at Heart Foundation, which supports animal welfare. Prince Harry is actively involved in the cause since it is one of his philanthropic projects.

Meanwhile, Markle also paid tribute to Canada and the United Kingdom during her final royal engagements when she opted to wear jewelry from both countries. During the Commonwealth Day Service, she wore a pair of earrings from Canadian designers Maison Birks.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend the Commonwealth Day Service on March 9, 2020, in London, England. Chris Jackson/Getty Images