Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
Prince Harry’s fiancée, Meghan Markle, was photographed with her DeMillier green cross body bag in Cardiff, Wales. Pictured: Prince Harry, Markle leave after their visit to Star Hub on Jan. 18, 2018 in Cardiff, Wales. Getty Images/Chris J Ratcliffe

Meghan Markle is supporting a brand that has aimed to save children’s lives.

On Thursday, Markle was spotted with a DeMillier green cross body bag during her visit to Cardiff, Wales. The bag, which Markle held by hand throughout her tour, is already sold out.

DeMillier have vowed to provide a set of vaccines and treatments to children through its charity, A Bag, A Life. This means that for every bag purchased, a set of vaccines is given away to those in need for free, according to InStyle.

Markle is not the only popular personality that uses DeMillier bags. Beyoncé, Vanessa Hudgens, Amber Heard, Emily Blunt and Isla Fisher have all been spotted with different bags from DeMillier’s wide range of collections.

Meanwhile, Markle has also been very particular with the brands that she trusts. During her recent visit to Cardiff, Markle paid tribute to the place by wearing pants designed by a Wales native. The 36-year-old wore the Dina jeans from Hiut Denim Company.

Clare Hieatt, the co-founder of Hiut Denim Company, told People that it felt great to see Markle in their creation. The company was based in Cardigan, Wales, and the town was previously home to Britain’s largest denim company, Dewhirst. In 2002, the company moved to Morocco and its factory was shut down.

In 2012, Hieatt and her husband, David Hieatt, launched their brand to once again make Cardigan the go-to place for top-quality denim in the United Kingdom. The company currently has 18 employees, but they hope to hire a total of 400 people in the coming years.

“We are early in the journey but we are getting there. We are living in the best place possible in the country to be making jeans, thanks to our hard-working team who come in every day and just get those jeans going,” Clare said.

The company owner also encouraged their patrons to not wash their jeans for six months so that they can for the wearer’s body. Every pair of jeans may also be customized based on the person’s waistline, as well as the size of the legs and thighs.