• Meghan Markle's critics questioned her for publicly sharing her miscarriage story 
  • Some Twitter users accused Markle of writing the op-ed for money and attention
  • Fans defended Markle saying she wasn't paid and only did it to help others

Meghan Markle recently got candid about suffering a miscarriage four months ago, but some of her critics still slammed her for sharing her story.

The Duchess of Sussex penned an op-ed for The New York Times where she shared the heartbreaking experience their family encountered back in July. Prince Harry and Markle lost their second baby and many sympathized with the royal couple. But some of their critics questioned why Markle decided to share it publicly and even accused her of making money from it.

"I'm sorry for their loss but why do they need to tell the world EVERYTHING about their lives. I know - BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY ANY OTHER WAY THAN BEING IN THE SPOTLIGHT! ME ME ME ME!!!" one commented on Twitter.

"Christ is there nothing this person won’t do for cash," another user wrote.

"Although that's heartbreaking situation.... I agree with you. the person in question... looks for any way to exploit attention, public sympathy & money,” a different user agreed with those questioning Markle.

While some criticized Markle for sharing her experience publicly, her fans supported her decision to do so. They praised Markle for doing it because they believe her story could give strength to those who went through or is also experiencing the same loss at the moment.

"In my day when women had miscarriages, we never told anyone because we felt like such failures. I am proud of women who share their pain with others because we need to lift each other up, not just in the good times but more so during the bad ones," one wrote.

“Meghan wrote this - knowing there are people like you out there - but she still wrote it - to give comfort to women and families who have gone through something similar - to talk about raw pain like this is quite traumatic but very brave. If you can’t be kind then be quiet,” another supporter added.

A different Twitter user stressed that Markle was obviously only trying to help those suffering from a miscarriage because thousands of them are grieving and struggling emotionally after losing their loved ones.

"No. The NYT doesn't pay for op-eds. Someone cited the source in this thread," one netizen answered those who were wondering if Markle was paid for the article.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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