In late 2016, it was revealed that actress Meghan Markle had begun dating Prince Harry, and then only about a year after that, the couple announced that they were engaged and would get married in May 2018. But shortly before all of that, Markle was finding love on-screen in Hallmark movies and discussing finding love in interviews.

While promoting her January 2016 Hallmark Channel movie “Dater’s Handbook,” about a woman named Cassandra (Markle) who uses tips from a self-help guide when looking for love, Markle sat down for an interview with the network to talk about how she feels regarding Cassandra’s relationship journey.

“I think the reason Cassandra has to refer to a handbook is the same reason all of us sometimes are trying to find our way and have a little bit of guidance and trying to balance having it all,” she said. “Having it all isn’t easy and I think we’re all still striving for that, so watching Cassandra’s journey is pretty, pretty fun.”

Only a year after doing this interview, Markle learned how to balance acting as well as dating Prince Harry and working on their future together. Now, however, her “having it all” doesn’t include a career since she’s quit acting ahead of her upcoming royal nuptials. It doesn’t matter though because she’s listening to her heart, just like her character did.

meghan markle hallmark love tips Meghan Markle spoke with Hallmark about finding love when she was promoting one of her movies with them, “Dater’s Handbook.” Photo: Crown Media / Katie Yu

“Following her heart is really what it’s all about, so even though Robert [Kristoffer Polaha] has been this type that she’s always drawn to, I think it’s a really good lesson for all of us to say they might sort of fit into these little categories, but they’re each their own person,” the “Suits” star said. “And so Robert ends up being the guy that she realizes she really should be with and it’s really sweet and I think it’s a really nice thing for all of us to kind of pay attention to when we’re looking for love.”

It seems like the future member of the royal family learned a lot from her Hallmark character as well as from a book she read in school that essentially taught her what not to do when looking for a relationship.

“You have to follow your heart to find your true love and I remember when I was in high school and college, we were still reading ‘The Rules,’ do you remember that book? This is very much like that,” she said. “All those different things it would say, like, ‘Be a creature unlike any other,’ and it’s really about playing these games. But at the end of the day, when it comes down to finding the person that you’re right for, that’s not the person you’re going to play games with.”

She ended her thoughts on finding love, by simply saying: “I think following her heart has really ended up proving to work out well for Cass and I think for a lot of women watching this, that I would give them that same advice.”