• Meghan Markle warned against doing a $1 million interview
  • Royal expert said that the public is not very affectionate to Meghan Markle compared to Princess Diana
  • Tell-all interviews didn't work for royals who did them before
  • Netizens

Meghan Markle warned against a $1 million interview offer.

According to recent reports, the Duchess of Sussex received an offer to do a tell-all interview similar to Princess Diana’s infamous Panorama interview. However, royal expert Angela Mollard warned Prince Harry’s wife against doing it.

Several members of the royal family already did it in the past and it did not work well for them. The last one to do so was Prince Andrew when he attempted to clear his name from the Epstein scandal. Sarah Ferguson’s husband denied the claims that he had sex with a teenager, but many criticized his move.

The majority agreed that it was best if he didn’t address the issue. Days after the interview, he stepped down from his royal duties. Mollard suggested that Markle should stay away from the interview because $1 million is not that much money to experience the same humiliation.

“If they were to sit down with Oprah because Meghan is friends with Oprah and speak in any detail about the Royal Family and it would have to have some elements of that,” Mollard said in the “ROYALS” podcast.

“It would be car crash Prince Andrew-style part two. You would have to presume that Meghan would be coming at from the perspective of Diana's interview. That kind of ‘I was a victim’ style.”

However, Mollard said that if Markle would do the same approach, she would be hammered because the public had affection for the late Princess Diana due to her statement that there were three of them in her marriage, implying about Prince Charles and Camilla’s affair. Mollard doesn’t think that there is the same affection toward Markle.

“I don't think there is that depth of affection for Meghan. She was in the Royal Family for a blink before she was out of it. That lack of staying power juxtaposed against what the senior royals, I think anything they would say in an interview would go down so badly,” the expert added.

Twitter users also felt the same. Many netizens don’t agree with the idea of Markle doing a tell-all interview because it didn’t work for Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and Prince Andrew.

“Not a good idea. It's backfired on so many Royals when they tried to ‘tell their side’ (most recently Andrew of course but Charles & Diana also....),” one wrote on Twitter.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex attends the Commonwealth Day Service on March 9, 2020 in London. Samir Hussein/WireImage (via Getty Images)