Meghan Markle grew up being treated like a princess by her dad, Thomas Markle Sr.

During a recent interview with OK! Magazine, Markle’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., encouraged the Duchess of Sussex to reach out to their dad. “It would mean the world to him to be back in her life and be part of his grandchild’s life. She was always a princess and never a tomboy,” he said.

Thomas Jr. also came to his dad’s defense and said that he is simply hurt and confused with everything that’s been going on between him and his daughter. Thomas Sr. is also frustrated at the moment because he’s worried about not being able to meet his grandchild.

During his interview, Thomas Jr. went on to criticize Samantha Markle for spreading lies about the “Suits” alum and their family. He also discouraged everyone from buying and reading her upcoming books. Last month, Samantha said that the first part of her book, titled “In the Shadow of the Duchess I,” will be released in April. The second book will be available in July.

“She was very jealous of Meghan from the very beginning and still to this very day… I wouldn’t believe anything that’s written in there. [Dad] had even said to me, ‘I wish [Samantha] would shut her mouth already and be quiet,’” Thomas Jr. said.

Meanwhile, Markle and Thomas Sr. made headlines earlier this month after the latter exposed his daughter’s private letter to him. In the handwritten notes, Markle told her dad how hurt she was with everything that Thomas Sr. told the press about Prince Harry. Markle also told her dad that he broke her heart into a million pieces.

Markle also denied her dad and Samantha’s claim that she has not reached out to Thomas Sr. In her letter, she revealed that she called him a couple of times through his phone, but he never picked up.