Some of her actions that have been different from royal tradition have been praised, but even if her different ways of doing things are seen as a breath of fresh air, experts warn that doing things differently from royal protocol will eventually backfire on Meghan Markle.

During an appearance on the show “Sunrise,” royal commentator Angela Mollard stated that it is refreshing to see how different the Duchess of Sussex is compared to some of her predecessors because she’s very hands-on and involved with things.

“She’s original, she’s creative, she thinks of new ideas, she doesn’t wear the crown and the jewels and then goes and to things by pat,” Mollard said. “She’s actually thinking of new ideas and ways of doing things and it’s quite purposeful about it. I think it’s rather sweet.”

Meghan Markle is reportedly going to make a mistake when it comes to her life as a royal. She is pictured during a visit to Bristol, England on Feb. 1, 2019. Chris Jackson/Getty Images

However, she also warned that staying on that path could have some consequences for the Duchess because she fears it will eventually backfire.

“But I think Meghan Markle will make a mistake. Sorry, the Duchess of Sussex will make a mistake. Sorry, the Duchess of Sussex will make a mistake,” she added. “Someday soon—she's a bit renegade, she follows her own tune—and at some point, it will go wrong. At the moment though, it’s interesting.”

This claim comes after a report that states Markle is trying to break as many rules as she can, and that it’s even become an issue for Queen Elizabeth.

“The Queen herself is displeased but Meghan doesn’t care. She’s sick of being pushed around,” a source said. “The Queen won’t take this rebellion for much longer. You can expect a big showdown sometime soon and it won’t be pretty.”