Meghan Markle
There is something about Meghan Markle’s nose that makes plastic surgery patients drawn to it. Pictured: Markle attends the Annual Charity Day Hosted By Cantor Fitzgerald And BGC at the Cantor Fitzgerald Office on Sept. 11, 2013 in New York. Mike McGregor/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald

Meghan Markle’s nose recently became the most requested type of plastic surgery among patients.

New York plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, recently told E! News that some of his clients started asking him about getting a nose job that will make their facial feature similar to the actress.

“Patients started coming to see me about six months ago requesting Meghan Markle’s nose. As things between her and Prince Harry started to heat up, attention definitely followed. Today, she is probably one of the top – if not the number one request I get,” he said.

Dr. Greenberg also said that before the Markle “nose job” craze, his patients wanted to undergo surgeries that would make them look like the Kardashians. “The Kardashians were probably the most popular celebrity cosmetic requests.”

Meanwhile, the plastic surgeon also explained what it is about Markle’s nose that makes a lot of people drawn to it. The doctor said that fans of the “Suits” actress seem to gravitate towards its refined appearance, specifically the straight nasal profile and refined nasal tip. “Let’s face it. She’s gorgeous but she also comes across like the girl next door,” he said.

But Dr. Greenberg also clarified that even though he’s an expert at what he does, he just cannot magically recreate Markle’s nose. He also said that it’s not really “perfect” by industry standards because it has a small hump.

“My experience is always the same. I cannot take every patient’s nose at the same time or surgery and magically produce Meghan Markle’s. My goal is to determine what it is about their current appearance that they dislike and what it is about their goal photo that they like and then have an honest conversation about what limitations there are, if any, in achieving the desired result,” he explained.

Markle’s nose isn’t the only thing that the actress had impact on. The “Horrible Bosses” actress could also change the royal fortune when she gets married to Prince Harry. Just like Kate Middleton, Markle could have the so-called “Midas Touch,” where everything she uses and buys could become more popular, according to