Mel Gibson reached a settlement deal with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

The deal essentially gives Grigorieva and the couple's child Lucia financial support in exchange for Grigorieva keeping mum on Gibson and their relationship.

Grigorieva gets $750,000 in cash in three installments, payments for the home he purchased for Grigorieva, and child support for their daughter Lucia.

Her lawyer Daniel Horowitz told The Associated Press that the total value of the deal is about $5 million.

In exchange for the money, the Russian singer is essentially expected to leave Gibson alone in the public sphere.

She is barred from suing him in civil courts, publicly speaking and writign about Gibson, and releasing any audio recordings on Gibson.

Before this gag agreement, Grigorieva talked to Larry King and other TV heavyweights about him, pursued (but dropped) claims of domestic abuse, and recorded an angry and racist rant by him.

At the hearing of the deal, Grigorieva said she hoped the deal would allow Gibson's career to resume, reported AP.