• Melania Trump recently tweeted about the drug problem in the United States 
  • The FLOTUS faced backlash for tweeting about the drug problem in America
  • A Melania Trump urged her to be quiet on Twitter 

Melania Trump recently tweeted about the ongoing drug problem in the United States, but her critics were not impressed.

“Finding solutions to our nation’s drug problem is something I care deeply about – especially when it comes to its negative effects on children and families. Thank you to @TheJusticeDepartment and AG Barr for your leadership in combating our nation’s drug crisis. #BeBest,” she wrote.

Shortly after, the FLOTUS’ critics urged her to #BeQuiet instead as a reference to her #BeBest initiative. Donald Trump’s wife usually ends her social media posts with the hashtag.

“Here’s an idea #BeQuiet,” Twitter user @mikeonas said.

The Twitter user was called rude by one of Melania’s supporters.

“Disrespectful and rude,” Twitter user @sclerodermangel said.

The FLOTUS’s tweet about the drug problem in the United States also received a slew of different reactions.

“Our beautiful @FLOTUS we love you. Queen,” Twitter user @legal_imm1 said.

“Thank you for everything you’re doing! God bless you always,” Twitter user @gml2431 said.

“Please explain what exactly she is doing other than grifting,” Twitter user @MickeyEars03 said.

“Melania, you’re the most gracious first lady ever to grace White House – thank you for all that you do…” Twitter user @Lindaquackenbus said.

“Thank you, FLOTUS for all you do. God bless our wonderful first lady,” Twitter user @Sheri14863615 said.

“No family and no God = drug addiction,” Twitter user @liane2552 said.

“We don’t have a first lady but that will change in November with Jill Biden,” Twitter user @SuzeQKnits said.

“Do not put any trust in Barr. He blatantly covered up the truth and won’t serve all Americans as he should,” Twitter user @pjr619 said.

Meanwhile, the FLOTUS’s other critics couldn’t help but mention Trump while shading the first lady. They also accused the president of taking Adderall.

“What about Donald’s Adderall addiction?” Twitter user @AnnVingemert said.

Twitter user @theebobRain uploaded a photo of the POTUS looking high and captioned it with “Adderall.”