• Melania Trump is "lamenting" the media attention on her successor, Jill Biden, a report says
  • Biden has already appeared in a few magazines and held several events and speaking engagements
  • Trump reportedly received similar interview offers from national publications but declined all of them

Melania Trump is not happy with Jill Biden's moves and the publicity her successor has been getting since becoming first lady, a report says.

The former first lady reportedly feels disappointed that her popularity and reputation had plummeted by the time she and husband Donald Trump left the White House in January, multiple sources "with knowledge" of her conversations and thoughts told CNN. A poll conducted by SSRS for CNN showed she had a favorability rating of 42% upon her departure, the lowest among modern first ladies.

However, the sources said Trump feels angry over Biden taking the opposite route she did during the early days of her tenure as first lady. Biden immediately moved into the White House after President Joe Biden's inauguration, unlike Trump who stayed in New York for five months after her husband's swearing-in.

The report said Biden already has nearly a dozen full-time East Wing staff members and is expected to hire more in the future. Trump reportedly had as few as seven staff members at times and never had more than 12.

The publicity Biden has garnered shortly after becoming first lady has not gone unnoticed by Trump as well, the report said.

Biden has graced the cover of People magazine, was featured in Parents magazine and made a special appearance during Sunday's Super Bowl LV via a televised message. Since Inauguration Day, she has also been sending the message that she plans to be an active first lady.

Biden, who is an English professor at Northern Virginia Community College, honored teachers for her first official event as first lady, holding a virtual meeting in January to show appreciation for educators across the country. Since then, she has had at least six more events and speaking engagements, including a virtual visit to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) on Feb. 3.

The report noted that Trump, during her four-year stint as first lady, had "a less robust" schedule. Before her White House departure, she had not been seen in public for three weeks.

However, according to two individuals who worked closely with Trump, her lack of magazine covers and interviews with major publications was the former FLOTUS' choice. She had received offers to appear in national publications as well when she was the first lady but turned them all down, the sources said.

"Donald was more upset about Melania not getting magazine covers than Melania was," said Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who once served as the ex-first lady's senior adviser.

"Melania intentionally didn't do press as a defense mechanism," she added. "She and I would always discuss this reasoning and that's why everything was choreographed or emailed, or be 'approved' quotes or statements that I would often write."

Meanwhile, Trump was criticized prior to moving back to the Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, on Jan. 20 for skipping the first ladies tradition of giving their successor a pre-inauguration tour of the White House. According to CNN, though she left a note of welcome for Biden in the Executive Residence, Trump has yet to speak to the current first lady.

Melania Trump
First Lady Melania Trump is pictured during a meeting with Polish President's wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda (Unseen) at the Belvedere Palace in Warsaw on July 6, 2017. - US President Donald Trump is on his first visit behind the former Iron Curtain. He is expected to focus largely on defence in talks with Baltic, Balkan and central European leaders. ANDRZEJ HULIMKA/AFP via Getty Images