• Jill Biden had Zoom meetings with governors' spouses and young Latinos Monday
  • The first lady also sent a message to the American Library Association's midwinter virtual conference
  • Some Twitter users claim Biden will not find it challenging to be a "more active" first lady than Melania Trump

Jill Biden appeared to hint at her plans to be "more active" than Melania Trump as a first lady, a report said, by making several appearances less than a week into her new role.

On Monday, Biden seemed to signal her intention to make good use of her time as first lady by appearing in Zoom meetings with governors' spouses and young Latinos and sending a videotaped message to the American Library Association's midwinter virtual conference, NBC Los Angeles reported. This comes after she visited the nonprofit Whitman-Walker Health in Washington, D.C., and surprised National Guard troops at the Capitol with cookies Friday.

A number of social media users took to Twitter to compare Biden to her predecessor, whom the outlet noted went weeks without making public appearances. Melania was largely absent from Washington during the early days of former President Donald Trump's administration. She flew back to New York after his inauguration in January 2017 to live with their son, Barron, the report said.

Some expressed their approval for Biden's enthusiasm, while others claimed it won't be too "challenging" for the first lady to be more active than Melania.

"Regardless of your political [persuasion], you can see and feel the empathy and authenticity in this FLOTUS even if you tune off the audio. Class personified," one Twitter user said of Biden.

"That is one lovely lady! Just two days in the WH and already flying around giving thanks and gratitude to others. I’m so happy for the US that there’s good people leading the country again," another tweeted.

"That won’t be a challenge," one user said of Biden potentially being a more active first lady.

"It doesn't take much to be more active than Melania," another wrote, while a fourth user quipped, "She’s already done better than the BeBest mess that left town a couple days ago."

Some sided with Melania, saying they understood that it was harder for the former first lady to travel and make appearances because she has a young son while Biden's children are adults. One Twitter user claimed Melania remained unappreciated even after she left the White House.

"You mean because her kids are adults? And the press, like you, won't question every single thing she ever does?" one wrote.

"She also doesn't have a young child to care for, so," another commented.

"Of course she will she’ll have the media kissing her a--. Melania could’ve cured cancer and you guys still would’ve talked sh-- about her," another added.

Meanwhile, others were already convinced that in her first five days as first lady, Biden has already surpassed what Melania had accomplished in four years.

"She’s already been more active in 5 days," one Twitter user wrote.

"More active?" another wrote. "@FLOTUS has done more since inauguration than flotus45 did in 4 years."

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