Melania Trump is set to address the Republican National Convention from the White House Rose Garden, which led to a redesign of the famous space. However, the changes she made to the design that Jackie Kennedy put into place is leading to some major criticisms on social media.

The First Lady unveiled the new look to the garden in a Tweet, where she also thanked all of those who helped her with the redesign, which features lots of green shrubbery and white flowers as well as limestone pathways.

However, the move has been heavily criticized, with several blasting the design on Twitter—especially the decision to remove Kennedy’s Crabapple Trees and other well-known plantings.

Others questioned where the roses were since the space is referred to as a rose garden.

Some also criticized the fact that the redesign even happened (and received so much attention from the White House) while the Coronavirus Pandemic is still wreaking havoc on the country, with 175,000 Americans already dying from COVID-19.

Others also noted that there seemed to be some symbolism behind the stark lack of color in the new design, which comes as racial inequality and social justice is also still at the forefront of discussion.

However, one user at least felt the new garden was a symbol of hope after all—provided Joe Biden won the election in November, as they appealed to the Democratic Nominee to fix what was done if he was able to move back into the White House.

The First Lady will make her speech for the RNC on Tuesday.

White House Rose Garden
The White House Rose Garden is pictured on August 22, 2020 after renovations. Drew Angerer/Getty Images