• Melania Trump is one of President Donald Trump's assets
  • Melania Trump is independent of President Donald Trump
  • Melania Trump is the most free person in the Trump world

Melania Trump is one of President Donald Trump’s assets.

The first lady’s class and grace didn’t go unnoticed especially to women who have been supporting her husband. According to a survey from the Frontier Center titled “Outsiders, Together: 2020 Motivating Values of High-Intensity Female Supporters of President Trump” that was released on Friday to Secrets, the POTUS’ female supporters see Melania as one of the signs that Trump has a good judgment, Washington Examiner reported.

“Female supporters included First Lady Melania Trump as one of Trump’s greatest assets as she, too, provides leadership for how to act in a hostile culture,” the survey stated.

The survey came from a “high-intensity” support at the president’s rally in Manchester, New Hampshire. It also compared findings to a similar poll conducted during the 2016 campaign.

“In 2016 we saw they looked to his children to extrapolate that he likely has good character given how well they turned out. In 2020 we do not see mention of his children; instead we see mention of Melania as an example of a good role model who confirms Trump’s wise judgment in a partner rather than helping them to predict his character,” the survey added.

Anne Sorock Segal, co-author of the survey revealed that Trump’s female supporters “look for Trump to provide leadership for how to handle a culture that they are not accepted in.” She added that the POTUS “gives them courage” while the FLOTUS “shows them grace can be a part of their demeanor.”

She added that those women were wondering how they would act in today’s culture and there is no other leader showing it to them, except for Trump. The women said their hopes about Trump was confirmed that the POTUS is “solidfying a sense of team.” Melania’s husband is also giving them a model in how to engage in detractors with his toughness, transparency, loyalty, unabashed conservatism and courage not to retreat.

Meanwhile, Melania is independent of Trump. The FLOTUS, contrary to what many believed, is always free to do what she feels is right. In fact, she is the “most free person in the Trump world.”

Donald Trump & Melania Trump
Melania Trump allegedly encouraged Donald Trump to join the presidential race. Photo by Marc Nozell from Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA [CC BY 2.0 (] Marc Nozell from Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA [CC BY 2.0 (]