• Melania Trump and Michelle Obama were compared by Kate Bennett
  • Melania Trump doesn't have the same appeal as Michelle Obama
  • Michelle Obama is a competent surrogate for Barack Obama's campaign 

Melania Trump and Michelle Obama have been compared on multiple occasions. But one of the most shocking comparisons was made by the author of the FLOTUS’ unauthorized biography “Free, Melania.”

Kate Bennett previously claimed that Donald Trump’s wife doesn’t have the same appeal as Michelle Obama and the other first ladies that came before her.

“Rosalynn Carter, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama were all competent surrogates for their husband's campaigns, whether to raise money for the candidate or the party or to rally voters. Mrs. Obama even earned the nickname, ‘The Closer’, for her ability to seal the deal those on the fence. It's not easy to be funny on the fly, like Michelle Obama could be during late-night TV interviews, or to have the kind of presence Jackie Kennedy had,” Bennett said (via Express).

At that time, Bennett said that not much has been heard about Melania that’s why it’s hard to judge her. She also said that in the beginning, Jackie Kennedy seemed awkward but she eventually grew into her role as the first lady and genuinely enjoyed it.

“I don’t see that same joie de vivre from Melania, but it could surface,” she said.

But four years have already passed and nothing much has changed about the FLOTUS. She is still as mysterious as ever, and she rarely gives interviews. On Twitter, some netizens couldn’t help but compare the first lady to Barack Obama’s wife.

“It’s really quite simple. Michelle is classy, Melania is trashy,” Twitter user @obxgirl75 said.

“Michelle Obama has class unlike Melania Trump,” Twitter user @rowingmachine5 said.

“Melania is fake AF: fake boobs, frozen face with Botox injections, overly plumped face with filler injections. She looks like a creepy alien. Fake on the inside and fake on the outside. Michelle Obama is beautiful and authentic inside and out. Michelle is regal! Queen!” Twitter user @keubovos said.

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First Lady Melania Trump kisses former First Lady Michelle Obama at the Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump at the Capitol, in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2017. Getty Images