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Melania Trump was mocked to plagiarize Michelle Obama’s statement to Greta Thunberg.

Donald Trump and Melania were in hot water after the president attacked Greta Thunberg shortly after she was named as Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” The POTUS was criticized for bullying the 16-year-old activist again. Meanwhile, the FLOTUS was slammed for not speaking up and defending the teenager amid her “Be Best” campaign.

Melania has not tweeted anything to protect Thunberg from her husband. But the ex-FLOTUS Michelle immediately shared a message for Thunberg encouraging her to “don’t let anyone dim your light.”

Shortly after Michelle released her word of encouragement to Thunberg, many Twitter attacked Melania and encouraged her to plagiarize the ex-FLOTUS’ statement.

“Psst! Melania! This would have been a good instance to plagiarize Michelle Obama again. Her comment was really good. As usual. Because she’s a smart, lovely person. Not a would-be mannequin with brimstone in her veins,” one social media user wrote.

“@FLOTUS #bebest I know it is a struggle sometimes Melania. Here’s a tip from @MichelleObama Go ahead plagiarize this all you want!” @mary_lckc commented.

“Don't worry the day is still young. By now Melania is copying every word,” Dwayne Smith added

A different user was convinced that Melania would plagiarize Michelle’s statement again even encouraging the first lady that “it’s never too late” to do it.

Another user said that she only heard Melania open her mouth three times and said that at one instance she used Michelle’s words. The netizen concluded that the FLOTUS is “not a powerful woman.”

In 2016, Melania was widely criticized after delivering a speech that was very similar to Michelle’s. According to Jarret Hill, a journalist, the FLOTUS stole a whole graph from the former first lady’s speech.

In related news, Melania was snubbed from Forbes 100 most powerful women in 2019. Donald’s daughter Ivanka Trump proved that she was more popular than her mother-in-law by making it into the list.

Melania Trump Michelle Obama Melania Trump, pictured July 18, 2016, was accused of plagiarizing Michelle Obama's speech from the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Photo: Reuters