• Netizens react to the claim that Melania Trump is the smartest Trump
  • Donald Trump and Melania Trump's upcoming wedding anniversary
  • Donald Trump reportedly assured Stormy Daniels not to worry about Melania

There is a debate on whether Melania Trump is the smartest member of the first family.

Last December, Malcolm Jones published an article for The Daily Beast entitled, “Is Melania Secretly the Smartest Trump?” Jones asked the question after reading Kate Bennett’s biography, “Free, Melania.”

In the book, Bennett recognized the importance of Melania in President Donald Trump’s life. The FLOTUS is reportedly the only person who can give the POTUS hell for things he says and does. She does not only get away with it, but she also manages her husband to listen to her.

Bennett concluded that Melania is “impossible to ignore.” She also added that the FLOTUS is “unlike any other first lady.”

Several netizens reacted to the article and they have mixed opinions about it. Some agreed while others mocked the FLOTUS. Many also criticized the first family saying that there is no smart Trump.

“There is no such thing as a smart trump.  Try another description like cheat or liar!” one wrote.

“A semi trained circus monkey is smarter than POTUS. So I’m going with yes... his wife is smarter than him,” another added.

“English is like her third language and she speaks better than Donny so again...I will say the wife is smarter,” another opined.

Some are convinced that the FLOTUS could be the smartest Trump. One said that if that is true then that makes her the “most dangerous Trump.” Many also said  that if Melania is the smartest Trump, then there’s a “pretty low bar.”

Melania and Trump are about to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. Last year, they celebrated the occasion without making any noise on social media. Trump and Melania ignored their marriage milestone by not mentioning it.

Trump and Melania’s marriage has been plagued with various controversies. Trump reportedly had an affair with Stormy Daniels and the POTUS allegedly assured her not to worry about his wife when she mentioned the FLOTUS to him.