• Melania Trump is the best aspect of Donald Trump's presidency
  • Melania Trump is the most free modern first lady
  • Melania Trump called the "number one first lady of all time"

President Donald trump’s wife Melania Trump is underrated.

The First Lady of the United States has been subjected to intense backlash and criticisms. Many even slammed her Be Best campaign. However, according to journalist and magazine editor Tina Brown, the FLOTUS deserves more.

“Well, I think Melania is actually the best aspect, if you like of, the Trump presidency,” the “Vanity Fair Diaries” author said.

Brown considers Melania the only member of Trump’s family who carries herself with dignity.

“She doesn’t leak, she doesn’t gossip, she doesn’t embarrass herself. She simply keeps herself completely private and hasn’t yet made the mistake of pretty much has made around Trump,” Brown continued.

She added that the FLOTUS is a big asset to her husband in the White House. In fact, Melania is the only person left with reputation in Brown’s judgment and noted that she finds Melania an “interesting figure.”

Brown also shared that no one has done a deep research on how Melania has negotiated her spot as Trump’s wife and how she endures it, the deals she made with herself and her plans are after the presidency. These are the things that Brown wants to know about the FLOTUS.

While Brown is full of praises for the FLOTUS, many netizens disagreed with her. Some brought up Melania’s “I don’t care” jacket. Others also mentioned how she plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech. 

Although Melania has a lot of critics, she also has a lot of supporters who take note of her contributions. In fact, one online user shared an adorable video of the FLOTUS and another called her the “number one First Lady of all time.”

“#1 First Lady of all Time! Never to be had again!” one commented.

“Our first lady fled a communist country, came to U.S. as an immigrant, became an American citizen, and now she is First Lady – she speaks five languages and exhibits grace on the world stage. So why is in [sin’t] the MSM applauding this accomplished woman?” Lory Hendy wrote.

Meanwhile, CNN correspondent Kate Bennett described Melania as the “most free modern first lady.” Bennett said that the FLOTUS does whatever she wants whether one agrees with her or not. Also, she doesn’t have a platform or do events and she doesn’t have to campaign if she doesn’t want to.