• Melania Trump encouraged kids to continue learning amid the coronavirus pandemic
  • The FLOTUS received backlash on Twitter for her series of tweets
  • Melania Trump's lack of college degrees was used against her on Twitter 

Melania Trump’s college education was mocked online after the FLOTUS encouraged children to continue studying and learning while they are home due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Virtual learning is a great way to keep children engaged while home from school. @StoryTimeSpace offers children the opportunity to have real astronauts read them a book from the @Space_Station! Here is the link,” she tweeted.

Shortly after, the FLOTUS was mocked for trying to encourage kids to continue studying when she didn’t even earn a college degree. In fact, the first lady was also caught lying when she said that she graduated with a degree in fashion when she didn’t.

“Is that how you got your college degree and learned six different languages?” Twitter user @DonJrLovesDick1 said.

“I’d say you’re the wrong person to give advice for children. Free the children at the border. They need a real life. Pushing I care about kids is laughable. Be Best my [expletive],” Twitter user @Marose111 said.

“Did you know some kids don’t have internet or a computer? Or food? People who have those things know about virtual learning,” Twitter user @Sdptsue18 said.

“The day I take child advice from you is a cold day in hell,” Twitter user @fohtohgril said.

Meanwhile, the FLOTUS also posted a tweet on how the National Parks can continue to educate kids even if they are temporarily closed because of the lockdown.

“Even though some of our National Parks @NatlParkService are currently but temporarily closed, students can still learn about and virtually visit some of our country’s great national parks online,” she tweeted.

Once again, the first lady faced backlash for her post.

“Maybe you could take a one way back to Slovenia… and tweet us from there,” Twitter user @Pmagster said.

“Wow, you are a fountain of already known knowledge. Be Best baby,” Twitter user @keltayer said.

“Stop tweeting,” Twitter user @Brenda03315091 said.

“Go away and take @realDonaldTrump with you. We need a real leader in the @WhiteHouse like @JoeBiden,” Twitter user @pmramani said.