• Melania Trump greeted Barron Trump on his 14th birthday on Twitter
  • The FLOTUS didn't spell her son's name in full
  • Barron Trump celebrated his birthday while on self-quarantine at the White House 

Melania Trump recently faced backlash after she greeting her son, Barron Trump on his 14th birthday. The FLOTUS' critics couldn’t believe that she didn’t even spell her son’s name in full.

“Happy Birthday BWT,” the FLOTUS wrote.

Immediately after, critics of the FLOTUS attacked her online. Some of them also mocked Barron by saying that they hope he grows far from the tree so he won’t be like his parents.

“Can’t spell your own son’s name? Not surprised… Trump calls him… your son!” Twitter user @Marose111 said.

“Can’t you wish him a happy day off Twitter? Is this an official WH account?” Twitter user @blissiejane said.

“I am not sure why you would celebrate 14 weeks of coronavirus, but, you do you,” Twitter user @StarForceHQ1 said.

“Happy birthday, Barron. As you blow out your candles on your special day, please make a wish that your daddy will release all the kids in the cages so they too can enjoy and celebrate their birthdays. Have a good one, may you grow up to be kind and honest,” Twitter user @StephThatGirl84 said.

“Happy birthday Barron. May you fall far from the tree,” Twitter user @delirious197300 said.

“Poor kid. It’s not his fault who his parents are,” Twitter user @TTWas91 said.

Meanwhile, some supporters of Trump posted warm greetings directed at him on Twitter. They also encouraged him to run for president in the not so distant future.

“Happy Birthday Barron. You’re growing up fast! What a handsome fella you are! You’re blessed with exceptional DNA,” Twitter user @Pete2Shawn said.

“Happy Birthday, Barron. Now you’re mommy’s big man!” Twitter user @sxdoc said.

“Happy Birthday Barron! We are proud of you,” Twitter user @NikkiHaley said.

“Happy Birthday Barron. #Trump2048,” Twitter user @MAGAPILL said.

“Happy Birthday to our future president. We love Barron!” Twitter user @k_ovfefe2 said.

“Happy 14th birthday Barron Trump. You will emerge like a president of America in the future. This is sure,” Twitter user @OLAWYERO said.

trump barron U.S. President Donald Trump (C) departs the White House with first lady Melania Trump (R) and their son, Barron (L), February 01, 2019 in Washington, DC. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images