• Donald Trump and Melania Trump's supporters were called hypocrites
  • Melania Trump's nude photos resurfaced 
  • Franklin Graham was slammed for criticizing the Super Bowl halftime show but supporting the Trumps 

Melania Trump’s nude photos recently resurfaced after Donald Trump’s supporters seemingly took offense with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s performance at the Super Bowl.

Conservative evangelist Franklin Graham claimed that a sense of moral decency on primetime television seems to be disappearing. Others also criticized Pepsi and the NFL for exploiting young girls who might have tuned in during Lopez and Shakira’s performance.

But Political Flare journalist Andrea Jefferson called the complaints hypocritical because the same people who were offended by the performance are the same people that support the POTUS.

The president of the United States is known for having a bad mouth. He curses on social media, and he doesn’t filter his words. Twitter user @BryanDawsonUSA listed all of the curse words that Trump has been heard using.

“Spare me your conservative civility. Hypocrites all. You worship this. You are complicit,” he said.

Trump’s wife, Melania was also dragged into the issue by default because not only is she married to Trump, but Graham once also called her classiest first lady the country has ever had.

But Political Flare questioned this statement because the FLOTUS used to take nude photos. The publication shared some of them, including one where Barron Trump’s mom is lying on a bed completely naked with another woman that is covering her chest.

Another photo shows Melania posing on top of a furry rug with nothing on but her earrings and bracelet. A third photo shows the first lady standing in front of the camera completely naked, and she’s covering her private parts with her hand.

On Twitter, the Trumps, Graham, and other conservatives were also mocked.

“Be careful @Franklin_Graham not to exhibit the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. Hypocrisy is criticizing @JLo and @Shakira while there are fully nude photos of @FLOTUS Melania from her ‘modeling’ career online everywhere. Matt 23:28,” Twitter user @DougSpeight said.

“If he was so holy, he could’ve switched the channel at half-time. But no, he continued to watch…” Twitter user @BukowskiAc said.