Melissa Gorga
"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Melissa Gorga arrives on the red carpet for the premiere of Tyler Perry's "Madea's Witness Protection" in 2012. During an appearance on "Good Day New York" Gorga revealed that she has not seen or spoken to sister-in-law Teresa Giudice since she entered prison in January. Reuters

The feud between "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga continues. Melissa recently appeared on "Good Day New York" where she revealed that she has not seen or spoken to her sister-in-law since she began her 15-month prison sentence earlier this year after being charged with multiple counts of fraud in October 2014.

The pair have been at odds before, allowing many of their feuds to play out in front of Bravo's cameras. They appeared to have made amends during Season 6 of the Bravo series. Gorga even acted as a support system for Giudice as she enjoyed her final months of freedom. Unfortunately, it seems that reconciliation was short-lived.

During her appearance on the morning talk show, Melissa revealed that she had not yet visited with Teresa, saying her sister-in-law and co-star was most likely saving all of her visits for her husband Joe Giudice and her four children.

"I think she's going to want every visit to be with her children," she said. "It's obviously not easy being away from the children, but I think that's probably the hardest part."

Not only have the "Housewives" stars not had a recent face-to-face conversation, Melissa also shared that the only contact she's had with Teresa has been through her husband, Joe Gorga. The 36-year-old says Joe regularly receives emails and phone calls from his sister and shares the updates with her.

"She called Joe and she's talked to Joe and she emails with Joe. You know, I think there's limited amount of free time, so when she does, I expect her to go through her brother," Melissa told the show's hosts. "She's always, always on the phone with her mother and her children."

While she may not be emailing Melissa, sources say Teresa has had no shortage of contact with friends and family on the outside. According to the New York Daily News, she frequently emails with people who update her on all gossip, "Real Housewives" news and whatever else she wants to know.

"She hears everything; she's not out of touch at all," a source told the site. "She can email all day long; she'll email with whoever she chooses and they'll tell her what's going on."

This is the second time Melissa's mentioned a lack of communication between her and her sister-in-law. During a visit to "Watch What Happens Live" earlier this month she updated host Andy Cohen, as well as viewers, on Teresa's condition. She told viewers Teresa was doing well in prison and that Joe Giudice -- who is set to begin serving his 41-month prison sentence after his wife's release -- was "doing what he had to do" for their daughters.

While appearing on "Good Day," Melissa said she's been trying to ensure that Teresa's husband Joe, who is forced to act as both mother and father to his children, does not get overwhelmed by his new duties. She says she's tried multiple times to reach out, offering to drive her nieces places and do things for them, but has been turned down every time.

"I've seen them, yes. They see my mother-in-law a lot, my mother-in-law helps out a lot, and I'm constantly saying, 'What can I do?' 'What can I do?' 'Where can I drive?' 'Where can I bring them?'" she shared. "And there always like we got it, we got it, we got it, but you know... everybody's good."

Meanwhile, Melissa is preparing to begin filming season 7 of "RHONJ." Though it was previously reported that the show would wait for Teresa to be released from prison to film, more recent claims suggest producers have decided to move forward without her.

Bravo is reportedly looking for new housewives to join the cast, naming retired NFL star Tiki Barber's wife as a possibility. Teresa's absence will reportedly allow producers to bump Melissa up to head housewife status, making her the show's star. The status bump comes with a hefty salary bump as well, according to Enstarz. The site claims Melissa will be receiving a $500,000 raise, bringing her from $250,000 last season to a whopping $750,000. The raise puts her on par with housewives franchisees like NeNe Leakes and Bethenny Frankel.

Bravo has not made any official announcements regarding the new season, including casting updates or an official air date.