Bulletproof vest
Bulletproof vest Reuters

Two next-door neighbors in Arkansas decided on Sunday to shoot one another after a night of drinking. On Monday, they were arrested and charged with aggravated assault, and both face six years in jail.

Charles Ferris, 50, and Christopher Hicks, 36, decided to put on a bulletproof vest while on a deck. According to deputies, Ferris put the vest on first and asked Hicks to shoot him, which Hicks did.

The vest stopped the bullet, but still hurt and left a mark on his chest. Due to the pain, he decided to shoot a number of rounds into Hicks' back once Hicks placed the vest on.

Ferris first told Benton County sheriff's deputy an elaborate story about getting hit in a gun battle in the woods after being hired to protect an unidentified person who paid him $200, according to KFSM, a CBS affiliate in Fort Smith.

However, Ferris' wife later arrived at the hospital, as he drove himself to Mercy Hospital, and she told police about the dare. Ferris reportedly confirmed the dare to law enforcement to spare Hicks from punishment.

Both men are free on $5,000 bond but cannot contact one another.