UPDATE: 6.00 a.m. EST - In a statement to International Business Times, the Red Bull Air Force confirmed that their wingsuit flyers took over the Los Angeles sky to celebrate the final moon of 2019.

"Donning custom wingsuits that shape the human body into an air foil that create lift and, with it, 'human flight,' the team leapt from a helicopter 4,000 feet above Los Angeles and swooped into the downtown at more than 120 MPH. The suits, which make the wearer appear similar to a flying squirrel, were fitted with LED lights and sparking pyrotechnics that lit up the night sky as the sun set and the supermoon rose," Logan William from the organization's PR agency said in the statement.

"During their journey, the skydivers one-mile southwestern flight took them into DTLA where they buzzed the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown hotel, which at 1,100 feet, is the tallest building west of Chicago.  They then pulled their parachutes at 1,000 feet and landed safely on the city streets below," he added. 

The wingsuit flyers who participated in the jump were John Devore, Mike Swanson, Andy DeVore.

Original story:

A group of wingsuit flyers with flares over Los Angeles on Wednesday night as part of a film shoot generated UFO and meteor rumors.

Twitter went abuzz with people reporting UFO sighting and space debris falling from the sky.

However, a closer look at the videos showed they were wingsuit flyers with flares. Twitter user Jeremiah Davis was one of the first people to point it out. He stated the flyers were part of the Red Bull Air Force, a group of experienced aviation experts.

Another video posted by Twitter user Daniel Sweeney showed the wingsuit flyers landing on the ground post the flight. She stated that it was part of a film shoot.

Meteor In this representation image, a Perseid meteor streaks across the sky over the community of Cold Creek in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, Nevada, Aug. 12, 2015. Photo: Getty Images/ Ethan Miller