The unreleased raw footage of Michael Jackson rehearsing before his death should not be shown to the jurors, according to a Superior Court judge.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor has ruled that the raw clips of "This Is It" video, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, should not be shown to the jurors.

After watching over 100 hours of the pop singer's documentary video at Sony Company, Judge Pastor said: "There is absolutely nothing in those materials that could have been of assistance to the defense."

He added, "There are materials which I viewed which I would regard as extremely valuable to Sony." The raw video is expected to be used for extended version of "This Is It".

Prosecutors had requested the jurors to view the unreleased clips from Jackson's rehearsal video of "This Is It" to prove that Jackson was healthy and fit two days before his death. With this unused film showing Jackson singing and dancing, the charge of Dr. Conrad Murray's guilty of involuntary manslaughter may be valid.

Dr. Conrad Murray was hired by the pop star as a personal physician to treat his insomnia and take care of him so that he can prepare for the comeback concerts in London. However, the singer was found dead and investigations revealed that he died of an overdose of the surgical anesthetic Propofol, which should have been administered carefully by the doctor.

Murray's lawyer, Michael Flanagan has argued that Sony's never-seen-before video footage is irrelevant to the criminal trial. The defense said it does not portray the true picture to verify the health condition of Jackson in his last days.

Dr. Murray faces up to four year in prison if he is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.