Michael Strahan Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa reportedly refuses to return to "Live!" until Michael leaves for "Good Morning America." Above, the television hosts are pictured Feb. 22, 2015. Getty Images

Television host Kelly Ripa has not issued an official statement since “Live!” co-host Michael Strahan announced his departure from the morning show, which has only fed more rumors. One story is that Strahan told Ripa about his departure personally and it backfired. It comes courtesy of People magazine.

"He very much wanted to do the right thing," a source told the site. "It was important to him. He wanted to tell her in person and give her months notice." Strahan makes his official move to “GMA” in September.

While People said Strahan was upfront with Ripa, the U.K.'s Daily Mail claimed Ripa was upset she was left in the dark about the decision. Now she's not sure when she will come back to the show.

“She wants to wait and see what happens. She'd also like someone to do the right thing and speak to her face to face rather than plot and plan behind her back,” an insider told the publication Wednesday. “Kelly isn't making any demands. She is very hurt that [WABC in New York] hasn't even spoken to her yet, so they are assuming that she isn't coming back.”

Michael Strahan
Michael Strahan talked about his decision to leave “Live With Kelly and Michael” on the April 20, 2016, show. Strahan is pictured at a Sports Illustrated event in New York, April 12. Getty Images

But she's not the only one with hurt feelings. Strahan, 44, was disappointed that Ripa, 45, didn’t show up for his announcement. "He is hurt by her reaction, of course," the insider added to People. "The very public way she's handling this. You can't not show up for work. If you're going to have a meltdown, you don't do it publicly."

The former New York Giants star had a difficult time filming the episode without Ripa. "Michael said during the break that it was 'a hard day' for everyone," an insider told Entertainment Tonight. "Michael was positive, professional and graceful throughout the shooting."

“Live! With Kelly and Michael” airs weekday mornings, syndicated on various channels nationwide.

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