Australian hurdler, Michelle Jenneke was named among the top ten most desirable women in the world by AskMen after a video of her sexy warm up dance went viral on Youtube. 

Now, the Youth Olympics silver medalist is back in a new video that features her as the perfect imaginary girlfriend. 
The video, called Forever Alone Meets Michelle Jenneke was created by the Chive
In the video, a group from The Chive team watch the video of her infamous warm up dance that she did before a track meet in Barcelona for the first time. 
Among the men is Mac Faulkner who they refer to as Forever Alone, watches intently as the others stand around him discussing the various epiphanies they are having, saying: "My scoliosis is cured," "I can see colors again," "I can talk to animals," and "I think I just forgave my father."
Once his friend leave, Forever Alone drifts int a fantasy of Jenneke as the perfect girlfriend, playing video games with him, making him pancakes, and the two brushing their teeth together, all while going her sexy dance. 
While still engrossed in the video, one of his friend approaches, with Jenneke as his date, and Forever Alone does even notice, even when she speaks to him. 
The video, releases Thursday has over 600,000 views.