Michelle Obama received the nicest and sweetest comments after her portrait was put on display at the National Portrait Gallery.

Stacia Brown, a writer for the New York Times and a podcast host, revealed how she heard people reacting in amazement at the sight of the former first lady’s photo. Brown heard the other gallery visitors saying that Michelle was beautiful, inspiring and so important.

Brown spoke to 14-year-old Camryn Redding and was told that it was empowering to see a portrait of the former first lady at the gallery.

“I think that she’s a really great example for black women everywhere. And I think she did amazing things in the White House while she was there,” she told the writer.

Other visitors reportedly described the portrait of Michelle as regal, elegant, and just perfection. Others said that she’s also intelligent.

Margaret Garcia also said some beautiful things about the mom of two.

“First, I love me some Michelle Obama. She’s such an inspiration to womanhood. She’s smart. She’s classy. She’s everything I want to emulate and aspire to be. She’s everything,” she told Brown.

The former first lady is no stranger to receiving positive comments and reviews from the public. In fact, a lot of people are encouraging her to run for president next year. A lot of her fans have also been telling her that they’ve missed her in the White House.

“Start the New Year by running for president,” Twitter user @j_breveboy said.

“Run for president 2020,” Twitter user @AndrewRucker1 said.

Other fans continue to call Michelle their first lady even though the current first lady is President Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump.

“Such a positive role model! Congrats First Lady Michelle!” Twitter user @DiorIzzy wrote.

“Congrats! Love you, First Lady. Beautiful,” Twitter user @Manita99723943 wrote.

“That’s my first lady!” Twitter user @RhondaSimonett1 added.

“A real lady. You will always be a First Lady,” Twitter user @GabyRod20 wrote.

As of late, the ex-FLOTUS has not yet announced her candidacy.

Michelle Obama at campaign rally in Phoenix, AZ
First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama speaking with supporters of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr