• Michelle Obama's "Becoming" documentary will be released on Netflix on May 6
  • Michelle Obama praised the director of "Becoming"  
  • Michelle Obama joined the #PromChallenge on Twitter

Michelle Obama announced that her memoir “Becoming” will be released on Netflix as a documentary.

On Monday, the former first lady of the United States gave her followers an update on her documentary. Michelle announced that Netflix will be releasing it next month.

“I’m excited to share that on May 6, @Netflix will release BECOMING, a documentary directed by Nadia Hallgren that shares the stories of the amazing people I met after the release of my memoir. During this difficult time, I hope you’ll find some inspiration and joy in this film,” Michelle wrote on Twitter.

The upcoming documentary was named after the ex-FLOTUS’ memoir. It offers a rare, up-close look at Michelle as she embarked on a 34-city tour to promote the book. Both her book and the film highlight the power of community and how people are brought closer to each other when they openly share their stories.

Hallgren’s portfolio includes “After Maria,” an Oscar-shortlisted documentary. Katy Chevigny, Marilyn Ness and Lauren Cioffi joined the new project as producers, Variety reported.

According to Hallgren, she was approached by Higher Ground to film Michelle during her tour. She was given a 30-minute meeting with Barack Obama’s wife to decide if she was fit for the role. The documentarian grabbed the opportunity and admitted that it was difficult filming with Michelle because she is “flanked by Secret Service everywhere she goes.”

“She moves quickly and I had to learn to move with her — I filmed in tight, private spaces in a way that required the smallest possible footprint, but also allowed me to build a close relationship with her,” Hallgren revealed.

Michelle also recognized Hallgren’s skills and talent.

“It’s hard these days to feel grounded or hopeful, but I hope that like me, you’ll find joy and a bit of respite in what Nadia has made. Because she’s a rare talent, someone whose intelligence and compassion for others comes through in every frame she shoots. Most importantly, she understands the meaning of community, the power of community, and her work is magically able to depict it,” Michelle wrote.

Meanwhile, Michelle joined the #PromChallenge in February and shared a snap taken at her prom night. Netizens couldn’t help but praise Michelle for her fashion because she looked gorgeous in her pink satin gown with thigh-high slit.

Michelle Obama at campaign rally in Phoenix, AZ
First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama speaking with supporters of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr