• The elderly woman was rescued by officers from her stranded car
  • The vehicle was almost submerged in the water when the officers arrived
  • Metro Detroit suffered severe flooding due to heavy rainfall over the weekend

Heavy rain over the weekend had subjected the Metro Detroit area in Michigan to significant flooding, resulting in several significant highway closures. Amid the downpour, an 82-year-old woman was rescued by the police after her car got caught in the floodwaters.

The Clinton Township Police Department said in a Facebook post the car got swept from Millar road. When deputies arrived at the scene, the vehicle was almost submerged in the water, the post said.

"This morning (June 26th) around 8am, Officers from the Clinton Township Police Department responded to a motorist in distress," the post said. "An 82 year old woman from Leonard was stranded in her vehicle after it was swept from Millar Road by floodwaters."

Images from the rescue scene shared on Facebook showed an officer carrying the victim to safety in his arms. The woman was reportedly conscious and alert during the rescue efforts. She was transported to an area hospital for observation.

"As a reminder, NEVER drive over standing water in the roadway. The depth and current of the water is not always apparent. A vehicle can be swept away in as little as 6" of water," the officials said in the post.

The victim, who was identified as Joy Alexander by Detroit ABC-affiliate WXYZ-TV, told the outlet the officers had only sixty seconds at hand to rescue her. "I was swallowing water when they got there," Alexander told the outlet. "The police told my son-in-law that I had no more than a minute."

Alexander recalled driving into a simple puddle of water before the situation took a turn for the worse. "The puddle of water picked the car up, and it was like I was in an uncontrolled boat," she said.

"It was like I had the arms of God around me," she said of the police officer who saved her life.

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