Microsoft is developing a video camera for the Xbox 360 games console that will allow players to control games through the movement of their bodies according to a report Tuesday from The Wall Street Journal.

If the report is accurate, Nintendo is not the only video game console maker with a sophisticated motion-sensitive controller.

According to the report, Microsoft will use a 3D camera to capture the movements of an end user in which it would give more control to the games. The 3D camera doesn’t require any hardware to hold just to control the game like Wii. The 3D camera would be place near the television to capture player's movement from head to feet.

The Journal said that the camera is based on technology that Microsoft developed and added that though Microsoft has recently acquired an Israeli start-up called 3DV Systems Ltd., which has developed a 3-D camera and holds related patents.

The Journal reported that the new camera could be shown at next month's E3 show in Los Angeles.