• Netizens are complaining about Microsoft's new behavior
  • They said it forces them to use Chromium Edge
  • Windows does this via a forced update

Several Windows 10 users are complaining that Microsoft is forcing them to use the Chromium Edge browser against their wishes.

The Verge reported that many users, the reporter included, are complaining about Microsoft's decision to “force” people to use the Chromium Edge browser on a Windows 10 computer.

“If I told you that my entire computer screen just got taken over by a new app that I’d never installed or asked for — it just magically appeared on my desktop, my taskbar, and preempted my next website launch — you’d probably tell me to run a virus scanner and stay away from shady websites, no?” The Verge's Sean Hollister wrote.

“But the insanely intrusive app I’m talking about isn’t a piece of ransomware. It’s Microsoft’s new Chromium Edge browser, which the company is now force-feeding users via an automatic update to Windows,” Hollister explained.

Hollister, and many netizens who took to Twitter to air their disappointment, said Microsoft automatically updates Windows 10 computers overnight or even while working.

The update, which will be installed by force, is designed to position Chromium Edge in such a way that users will be pushed to use it. Here's how it happens, according to various accounts:

  • First, Windows 10 will update itself at any time.
  • Second, when the computer is restarted, Chromium Edge will automatically launch itself.
  • Third, when Microsoft's browser is up, it will urge users to make the jump to it from whatever browser they are using on their computer. Hollister says it doesn't give users the option to say no.
  • Fourth, Windows will pin Chromium Edge to the taskbar and desktop.
  • Fifth, if the user tries to open another website, Windows will show a notification urging users to use Edge.

Also, it's worth noting that unlike other apps and browsers, Chromium Edge can never be uninstalled from Windows 10 computers once the latest update has been downloaded and installed on the system.

Netizens slammed Microsoft's move, calling it “a new low.”

Interestingly, the decision to force users to update and use Edge isn't limited to Windows 10. A netizen who still uses a Windows 7-powered computer also complained that the device suddenly had Edge installed on it. This is especially worth noting because Windows 7 is not supported anymore.

Microsoft edge browser Microsoft Edge browser Photo: Microsoft