• "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer recently announced the release of her long awaited novel "Midnight Sun"
  • Though "Midnight Sun" is a retelling of the quadrilogy, it's highly unlikely that the novel will have its own film adaptation
  • "Midnight Sun" will be released on Aug. 4

Stephenie Meyer’s “Midnight Sun” is finally confirmed for release come August, but contrary to the first four “Twilight” books, the new novel likely won’t make it to the big screen, according to some reports.

In a world replete with vampires and werewolves, the “Twilight” quadrilogy has definitely tugged at people’s heartstrings and boosted the young adult vampire-romance genre. And with the recent debut of the "Twilight" author’s highly awaited “Midnight Sun” novel, the saga’s fandom now has something to crow about after its decade long drought.

While the “Twilight” saga is narrated through the perspective of mortal Bella Swan who fell in love with vampire Edward Cullen, the current spinoff is told through the eyes of the vampire who stole Bella’s heart himself. Meyer’s saga dates back to 2005 that sold an outstanding 100 million copies across the globe in over 50 countries. The novel was such a triumphant sellout that it wasn’t long until they made a cinematic release based on the books.

Released in 2008 under the direction of Catherine Hardwicke, the film adaptation of “Twilight” made its debut with Kristen Stewart portraying mortal introvert Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as the vampire Edward Cullen.

Despite the saga’s mixed reviews, fans and viewers were still drawn to the novel’s plot enlivened through its release on the cinema platforms. The “Twilight” adaptation was immediately bagged a commercial success and ushered in four more releases where the final novel “Breaking Dawn” was split into two.

And as “Twilight” went on to become a huge cultural phenomenon a few years back, Meyer hinted that her acclaimed saga hasn’t ended just yet. The author’s spinoff “Midnight Sun,” is finally set for release late summer after exactly 12 years of waiting, Los Angeles Times reported. Although Meyer’s new novel still involves her saga’s iconic characters, “Midnight Sun” is definitely far from being a film adaptation anytime soon.

Meyer’s “Midnight Sun” is basically a retelling of the “Twilight” saga, but this time through the vampire Edward Cullen’s point of view. The author stated that this was to be the only book that she planned to rewrite, though things took a turn when twelve chapters of her unfinished manuscript were leaked back in August 2008. After the apparent incident, Meyer shared that she wasn’t on the right state of mind to continue writing the book and decided to discontinue it indefinitely.

Stephenie Meyer
Stephenie Meyer, pictured at the Women In Film 2015 Crystal + Lucy Awards, June 16, 2015, in Century City, California, wrote more than 400 pages of bonus content for the 10th anniversary of "Twilight." Getty

Meyer, 46, later said that she would continue working on “Midnight Sun” once everyone has forgotten about the incident and revealed in 2015 that she felt more at ease with finishing where she left off. Then came the breakout of “Fifty Shade of Gray as Told by Christian” which seemed to touch on a similar concept as her would be project’s. The novel was put on hold yet again for a couple more years until the most unexpected announcement of its slated release this August 2020.

Though the incident that drove Meyer to delay her work was truly unfortunate, Twilight fans are currently overjoyed now that the spinoff is soon-to-be up for grabs. But according to Screen Rant, to be seeing it adapted on the cinemas is highly unlikely, given that the whole “Twilight” cast have matured and are caught up with their own individual film projects. For instance, Pattinson has currently become the new Batman of DC’s movie universe.

This doesn’t entirely suggest that “Midnight Sun” couldn’t go through its own full recast and bring the story into a Hollywood film project, yet that would also greatly depend on how well Meyer’s new novel will be taken by both her old and new readers.

“Midnight Sun” will be available in stores on Aug. 4.

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