• “Midnight Sun” will be officially released on Aug. 4, says Stephenie Meyer
  • “Midnight Sun” was reported to be released back in 2008
  • However, a draft of the book leaked online while Meyer was working on it
  • The author, instead, released the “Midnight Sun” manuscript on her website for public reading

Stephenie Meyer says “Midnight Sun” is complete and will be released soon. Yes, it’s only May but “Twilight” fans are already rejoicing. This, however, was not the initial release date of the said book.

The highly anticipated “Midnight Sun” will finally hit the stores on Aug. 4, and this announcement was made by Meyer through Good Morning America, Monday. The 46-year-old author described the world’s current situation as a “crazy time” and she was not sure if the timing of the announcement was right. Nevertheless, she hoped that the book would be a fun distraction from the real world for “Twilight” fans who have waited more than a decade for "Midnight Sun's" release.

Relatively, previous reports revealed that “Midnight Sun” was supposed to be published in 2008. Why did Meyer cancel the book's initial publication anyway?

More than a decade ago, a copy of the “Midnight Sun” was reportedly leaked online while Meyer was working on the book. She stopped the development of the book because the incident bothered her, Hypable reported. Instead, the “Twilight” author reportedly released a draft available for public reading on her website.

Unfortunately, after Meyer announced the official release date of the “Midnight Sun,” her website went down. The information fans can only find, as of the moment, in the site are the countdown for the book’s release, the links of online bookshops where the book can be pre-ordered, and an open letter from the author.

In the letter addressed to her friends and readers, Meyer revealed having a strange experience working on this book. Everything’s changed —she’s not who she was before, her children grew up and the world became a different place.

Meyer said that completing the “Midnight Sun” brought her back to the early days of “Twilight” and all the fun that went along with it.

The “Twilight” author will take the fans back to the beginning of Bella and Edward’s story through “Midnight Sun”; however, this time around it would be from the perspective of the stone-cold vampire who fell in love with a human.

When Meyer’s “Twilight” saga was brought to the big screen, the main characters were played by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The portrayal of Bella and Edward’s characters undeniably brought fame to the former couple.

Fans are positive that “Midnight Sun” will become a bestseller but the question is, should Hollywood decide to take it to the big screen, will Pattinson and Stewart reprise their roles one more time?