When Mike Tyson sunk his gold teeth into the fleshy cartilage of Evander Holyfield's ear, he claimed it was in retaliation for being headbutted. Luckily for Tyson's pet tiger Kenya, when she headbutted him, she made sure to knock his teeth out, at least one of them anyway.

That's the story that Tyson's wife Kiki (born Lakiha Spicer), 35, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal in a recent interview, putting to rest rumors -- or more likely adding to them -- about why Tyson's signature gold teeth were replaced over a decade ago.

Tyson, 45, had gold caps on two of his front incisors on the left side. Although both have been replaced with ordinary-looking teeth, Mrs. Tyson apparently said only one had been knocked out by Kenya.

Knowing the that mysteries surrounding her husband's teeth were of great personal interest to the readership of the Review-Journal and the general public at large, Kiki also addressed the brief period when Tyson's signature gap between his two front teeth disappeared for a time and then returned.

About a year ago, Iron Mike had dental surgery to close the gap, but after deep and serious consideration and consultation with his wife, he had a change of heart and had the it redone a while later.

We debated whether to keep (the closed-gap look) but the gap was his signature, Mrs. Tyson told the Review-Journal.

So there you have it folks, the truth about the tooth, the undisputed tooth you might say.