People thought it was just a one-time thing but sources claim otherwise. Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter was, apparently, seen at Soho House, West Hollywood Club, on Friday, getting all hot with each other.

The news broke hours after Cyrus’ “Slide Away” dropped, as an unnamed source told Page Six that the ladies couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. The supposed spy reportedly told the outlet that Cyrus and Carter looked really obsessed with one another.

The tipster claimed that Cyrus and Carter were kissing and making out everywhere —at the bar, in the bathroom, in the middle of the floor— and that they were basically having sex. Based on that alleged encounter, the source claimed that the ladies were unquestionably together.

Cyrus and Carter made it to headlines when photos of the pair kissing during a vacation in Lake Como, Italy went viral. Fox News reiterated on a report that the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s marriage with Liam Hemsworth ended on the same day the Cyrus and Carter’s snaps got published online.

At that time, Carter was reportedly fresh off a relationship from Brody Jenner. At that instant, many have speculated that she and Cyrus were together. Other reports claimed that both ladies were going through the same circumstance so their relationship wasn’t just entirely romantic rather, the ladies served as each other’s support system.

Say Carter and Cyrus, for the sake of speculation, are together. The follow-up question would probably be, “is it for real or just a rebound thing?” Did Cyrus break-up with Hemsworth so she could be with Carter?

There were earlier reports claiming that “The Last Song” co-stars broke-off the relationship months before controversial affair in Italy happened —or at least Cyrus did. Hemsworth, on the other hand, at first disagreed with the split.

Later on, representatives from Cyrus and Hemsworth’s respective camps claimed that the separation was amicable. The former flames reportedly decided that it was the best decision for the time-being so they could focus in themselves and their careers.

Not long after this statement went public, TMZ broke the news that the split was allegedly not so amicable. There were reported accusations from Cyrus side that the cause of their split was Hemsworth’s drinking habits and use of drugs. Meanwhile, Hemsworth’s camp claimed that the said denunciations were just Cyrus’ ploy to hide the real reason of the break-up, which was her infidelity.

People are free to speculate but the status of Cyrus and Carter’s relationship, as well as the allegations why Cyrus and Hemsowrth’s marriage failed, still needs confirmation. There are no official statements yet directly coming from Cyrus, Carter or Hemsworth on the said issues thus far.