Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth recent split was amicable, claiming that the couple needed a break to settle their own issues. However, reports that recently surfaced revealed that there could be more to it than just individual differences.

So what could be the reason(s) behind Cyrus and Hemsworth’s split? The coin has two sides; hence, the parties involved, referring to Cyrus and Hemsworth, have their own version of truths too.

Sources from Cyrus’ side claimed that the “Hannah Montana” actress attempted to save the marriage but the turning point was Hemsworth’s alleged drinking habits and use of drugs, TMZ reported. The insiders reportedly told the outlet that Cyrus wanted nothing to do with that given she underwent substance abuse in the past.

On the other hand, sources from Hemsworth’s side repudiated the claims and told the said outlet that it was just a ploy to mask the reason of the split — Cyrus’ infidelity.

Reports that recently surfaced claimed that Cyrus and Hemsworth parted ways even before the official split announcement. A few days ago, she went on a vacation with Kaitlyn Carter and both were publicly seen making out. Meanwhile, weeks ago, Hemsworth was reportedly seen not wearing his wedding ring.

There were reports saying that Cyrus and Carter’s intimate interaction was just for fun. An unnamed source claimed that the American actress introduced Brody Jenner’s ex has her friend, not her girlfriend, People reported.

The source further stated that Cyrus and Carter were out with friends. They reportedly spent a couple of days at the il Sereno Hotel near Lake Como with Brandi Cyrus, Miley’s older sister.

These sources may claim different versions of the story but the truth behind Cyrus and Hemsworth’s split remains unknown. Whatever the case is, the fans are still hopeful that the split is just temporary and these Hollywood celebs will reconcile soon.

While assumptions of the reason(s) why Cyrus and Hemsworth broke their marriage off are everywhere, another angle to the break-up came to light recently. Interestingly, Cyrus and Hemsworth split could’ve been possibly written in the stars.

For those who follow astrology, review of Cyrus and Hemsworth’s birth charts, after the split, revealed that the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s sun sign was Sagittarius and the “Hunger Games” actor’s was Capricorn. It is believed that recent astrological events (eclipses and Mercury retrograde) could’ve greatly affected their charts, Cosmopolitan reported.

Long story short, these recent zodiacal events could’ve caused an overwhelming feeling to Cyrus. It must’ve pushed her to the limits; hence, she took a step back and pulled away. With her sun sign, it’s believed that once she feels restricted, she would do anything to break free.

Cyrus and Hemsworth’s romance began on the set of “The Last Song” in 2009, wherein both the actors played the lead roles. Their on and off dating relationship ended when the couple decided to tie the knot in December, 2018.