Twitter erupted on Sunday night after rumors that Miley Cyrus was pregnant with rapper Juicy J’s child began to circulate on the Internet. Cyrus recently made headlines after she reportedly got pregnant with ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth’s child to “trap” him in the relationship.

Just days after the couple split, wrote that she said she was expecting a child and the father was the rapper at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Altanta.

“I assure you she’s been doing a lot more than twerking,” the site quoted him as saying. then added that Cyrus “blurted out” they were “expecting.” When the crowd began to laugh, she reportedly said, “No, I’m really pregnant.” even quoted her father Billy Ray, who said she broke his “achy breaky heart” by getting pregnant with Juicy J’s child.

The news site is the only one with the story, and the usually outspoken Cyrus has not said anything about a pregnancy on Twitter, a platform she typically uses daily to connect with her fan base, aka “Smilers.” Neither has Juicy J mentioned expecting a child with Cyrus on his personal social media account.

Recently, OK! Magazine wrote that Hemsworth was ready to break up with the former “Hannah Montana” star last spring but reportedly changed his mind after Cyrus had a positive pregnancy test. An insider quoted by Gossip Cop said the 20-year-old wanted to go public with the news but the “Hunger Games” star was reluctant.

“Miley thought she was expecting and wanted to announce it to the world, even before she went to a doctor to verify the results,” the source said.

The insider added: “Liam begged her not to go public yet. He was emotionally out of the romance for months by that point, though he was still sleeping with her.”

Nevertheless, the new rumor about a Cyrus-Juicy J baby has set Twitter abuzz, with many people in disbelief. Check out what Twitter users had to say below:

Miley Cyrus is 20 , Juicy J is 38 .. all you single dudes that are 18 no stress. Your soulmate is just coming out the womb!