For years there have been rumors of a Miley Cyrus pregnancy. The age-old question arose once more Wednesday, when Life & Style claimed on its cover that the singer was going to be a “pregnant bride.” The major problem with the story: It’s not true.

“It is very early on,” an insider told Life & Style magazine. “But Miley has announced to a select group of friends that she’s expecting. She’d been feeling nauseous all the time and knew deep down that she might be pregnant. Now Miley is quickly planning a summer wedding so that she’s not too far along in her pregnancy when they say ‘I do.'”

But Gossip Cop deemed the story as a hoax, citing a 2014 article when Life & Style claimed Cyrus was pregnant. “This new story is just the outlet once again making a guess based on Cyrus’ love life… and guessing wrongly,” Gossip Cop wrote Wednesday. “She is not pregnant.”

On the same day the tabloid released its cover story, Cyrus took to her official Instagram account to talk about smoking weed and bleaching her hair, two things that pregnant women are not advised to do. During her lengthy post, where she rambled about her hair, being self-obsessed and overthinking, she didn’t mention pregnancy.

Her main message, in the end, was that fans should not sweat the small stuff and follow their hearts. “If you ever start overthinking s---, especially something as silly as hair ... go outside, smell a flower, center your thoughts and find something productive to do with your time,” she wrote Wednesday. “I wish I would've taken a toke of my own medicine.”

She and fiancé Liam Hemsworth are reportedly going to get married in Australia. They looked at wedding venues in Byron Bay, Us Weekly reported Wednesday. The singer, 23, wants to have a carnival-themed wedding. "Miley’s mentioned she’s interested in having a bunch of bouncy houses,” an insider said.

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