Miley Cyrus continues to celebrate the success of her new song for the upcoming “Charlie’s Angels” film. She shared a behind-the-scenes video that shows how she filmed her scenes for the official music video of the song.

The concept Cyrus chose for the song was that of her as a sweaty boxer in the ring. In a behind-the-scenes video on Instagram, she shared how she made the video look sexy for her scenes with a revealing outfit and sultry dance moves.

Apart from the translucent top she wore in the video to make it raunchy, Cyrus also wanted to show some raw strength in her scenes. One of the scenes she filmed was rinsing her mouth with some water and spitting it out inside the boxing ring. She also spent a lot of time sitting in the corner of the ring, singing “Don’t Call Me Angel,” which is the title of the song.

The behind-the-scenes video also showed Cyrus hugging Ariana Grande, who is the other lead singer featured in the music video. Grande wore a white angel outfit that is in sharp contrast to the “Slide Away” singer’s boxing concept.

Cyrus also shared another behind-the-scenes video of her reacting to the other lead singer Lana Del Rey. The singer started to squat down in the video while Rey sang the lyrics “I drop it down, I pick it up, I back it off the county line,” while someone in the background cheered. Cyrus described the dance move as “mood forever” when her fellow singer drops her verse.

All three singers appear to have had a lot of fun while filing the song as well. Cyrus previously shared a picture of her eating noodles with her hands, which is one of the scenes that made it to the official music video. Grande on the other hand watched her fellow singer while sipping wine.

Miley Cyrus performs onstage during WCRF's 'An Unforgettable Evening' at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on February 28, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Getty Images/Rachel Murray