Fans and music industry watchers have been expecting the MTV Video Music Awards to be a wild party especially when news of Miley Cyrus set to host the show first came out. Sunday’s MTV awards show did turn out to be an unforgettable one, and Cyrus even managed to shock everyone with her barely there silver suspenders look during the VMAs red carpet event.

It seemed that everyone has been looking forward to the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s crazy looks for the 2015 VMAs, and the star did not disappoint. Cyrus stepped on the show’s multi colored carpet with only a pair of silver suspenders on and a bejeweled chandelier-like skirt, People reported. The singer was nearly naked in her Moon Man inspired outfit, wherein the suspender’s silver straps were placed strategically on her chest and shoulders, along with two silver bands around her upper arms.

Aside from the shocking suspenders’ look, Cyrus reportedly matched her racy outfit with knee high boots, a lengthy set of blonde dread extensions in a high ponytail and blue smoky eye make-up. The front of the singer’s VMA red carpet look may have surprised fans, but none could be more shocking than the back of Cyrus’ silver suspenders’ ensemble. The “Party in the USA” crooner also had most of her derriere on display, with only strands of jewels covering her backside. 

A picture of Cyrus’ backside pose was also shared by MTV’s official Instagram account. The image was captioned, “MESMERIZED @shearerphoto.”

This is not the first time that the former Disney star wore a shocking outfit. During her appearance in “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last Wednesday, Aug. 26, Cyrus shocked the show’s host, Kimmel, with her heart shaped pasties, according to E!News. The singer even told the funnyman that she was “a little cold” with her outfit. Cyrus admitted, "To be honest, I'm a little cold. You know, I would have worn a shirt—actually, I wouldn't have."

The former “Hannah Montana” star also revealed to Kimmel that she “travels a lot with tape” to keep specific assets of her chest covered up. Cyrus admitted that removing it does not hurt and said that “it's like a Band-Aid."

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