Life as Jon’s family and friends have grown accustomed to since his death is officially over on “A Million Little Things,” as some huge secrets and bombshells that have been simmering all season are set to finally be exposed.

Following the memorial service for his mother on the ABC show, Rome (Romany Falco) discovered that the DNA test results which confirmed Jon was PJ’s (Chandler Riggs) father were missing, and shortly after, his step-father Mitch (Rhys Coiro), arrived and revealed to Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) that PJ was Barbara Morgan’s (Drea de Matteo) son. Delilah then confronted Regina (Christina Moses) about the secret, which led to her finally learning the truth about Jon’s past.

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Rome (Romany Malco) helps PJ (Chandler Riggs) through a personal crisis on the Mid-Season finale of “A Million Little Things.” ABC

She also won’t be the only one who has to deal with the bombshell though, as PJ himself will need to handle the fact that his hunch was apparently right—and the fact that his mother has lied to him his entire life. Considering his depression in the past which was what brought him to Rome, none other than the man who helped him get answers will be able to help him as he copes with the truth.

“Rome helps PJ through a personal crisis,” a synopsis for the episode reveals.

Of course, the truth about PJ isn’t the only secret that may come out and change things forever, as Delilah may find herself forced to come clean about Charlie, with Eddie (David Giuntoli) petitioning for his rights to his daughter and his name being on her birth certificate. With Katherine’s (Grace Park) help, he may consult another lawyer to see what the next steps forward entail.

“Delilah, Eddie and Katherine make tough decisions that will affect their families,” the synopsis states.

Revealing the truth about Charlie in a legal sense will have some huge implications for all of them, because they will need to let their respective other children, Theo (Tristan Byon), Sophie (Lizzy Greene) and Danny (Chance Hurstfield) know the truth, and they all likely won’t take it very well, especially since everyone else knew the truth and initially felt they shouldn’t know.

Will the gang ever be the same after these bombshells, or will the secrets that Jon and Delilah have both been keeping blow everything apart for good?

“A Million Little Things” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

Delilah (Stephanie Szostak, not pictured), Eddie (David Giuntoli) and Katherine (Grace Park) make tough decisions that will affect their families on the mid-season finale of “A Million Little Things.” ABC