Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5
“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Mimi Faust reveals she’s dating a woman on the Season 5 premiere. VH1

After a chaotic year with Nikko London, Mimi Faust reveals on the Season 5 premiere of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” that she’s in a new relationship. The mother of one says she’s been keeping the romance under the radar for a while, but wants to introduce her new boo to her friends by throwing her lover a birthday party.

So why has Mimi not told anyone about her relationship? Because she’s dating a woman. While on a date, Mimi reveals she’s secretly been seeing Chris for a few months and the only people who knew anything about it was her daughter and her best friend, Ariane Davis. Later in the show, Mimi admits that her friends might be surprised by her new romance but she feels it's time to stop hiding. When she finally brings Chris out during the party, her friends are shocked but are also happy for her.

Also in episode 1, Karlie Redd reveals she and Rasheeda Frost are friends again after falling out in Season 4. Karlie meets up with Rasheeda and Tammy Rivera at an event to honor rapper Dolla, who was killed in 2009. As the ladies catch each other up on their lives, new cast member Karen “KK” King enters with her two sons, Scrapp DeLeon and Sas, as well as Scrap’s girlfriend, Tommie.

Yung Joc, who reveals during the show that he and KD broke up again, says the King family are well respected and also feared in Atlanta. He jokingly calls them “a little crazy.” During the event for Dolla, KK tells Tommie she needs to talk to her about Scrapp’s ex Tiarra, who’s the mother of his son. KK believes Scrapp is still hooking up with Tiarra and wants Tommie to get to the bottom of it. KK says in her confessional that she loves Tommie as a daughter, but does not like Tiarra.

Tommie tells KK that she knows where Tiarra works and KK urges her to pop in and visit. Tommie does but invites Karlie and Jessica Dime with her. It turns out that Tiarra is a waitress at a strip club, and when she overhears Tommie, Jessica and Karlie talking about Stevie J and Scrapp, she walks up to them. Tiarra tells the ladies she knows Scrapp and admits she’s still sleeping with him. Tommie doesn’t want to tell Tiarra she’s Scrapp’s girlfriend just yet, and Karlie invites Tiarra to a party they are going to. Jessica feels uncomfortable with the situation because she thinks Tommie and Karlie are trying to set Tiarra up.

Later, Tiarra tells Scrapp about her meeting Tommie, Jessica and Karlie. Scrapp doesn’t tell her that he’s dating Tommie but goes to talk to his girlfriend to smooth things over with her. Scrapp tells her he’s not sleeping with Tiarra, and Tommie believes him but wants him to let his ex know he has a girlfriend. Scrapp says he will, but will do it on his time.