Minnesota has been hit with a record amount of snow lately. With blizzard conditions, the highways have become hazardous, leading to 600 car crashes in just a few days.

On Sunday, 16 inches of snow landed on Minneapolis, reports The Associated Press. The blizzard has been dumping snow and occasional wind gusts have caused low visibility and hazardous driving conditions. The blizzard conditions were so bad that the state Department of Transportation was forced to remove some snow plows from the roads.

At the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, 10.5 inches of snow fell, causing 150 flight cancellations, reports the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Minnesotans also are facing unexpected traffic tickets and some have even had their cars towed due to confusion about snow safety regulations and parking rules.

The record amount of snow has also led to an unprecedented wave of accidents. According to Lt. Eric Roeske, the Minnesota State Patrol has reported over 600 car crashes as of Monday, with 63 injuries reported and one fatality, reports AP. There have been 1,140 car spinouts due to the snow and Roeske warns that the roads are still hazardous.

Snow continued throughout Monday, reports the AP, and Minnesotans are now experiencing temperatures as low as 7 degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind chill of 2 below in some areas.

Videos have been posted to YouTube showing the blizzard's impact. In one video, embedded below, snow plows in central Minnesota can be seen trying to clear the highways as well as several police cars attending cars that have crashed as well as other cars having difficulty navigating the slick highway surface.