• The girl alleged the suspect's wife knew about the sexual assault but did nothing
  • The teen later approached her paternal cousin for help 
  • The cousin "kidnapped" her to extort money from her father
  • Four people have been arrested in connection with the rape and kidnap

A teen girl was allegedly force-fed aphrodisiacs and raped for eight years by her neighbor. Unable to stand the abuse, the minor approached her cousin for help, only to be kidnapped by him.

Four people were arrested Saturday in connection with the rape and kidnap of the girl. According to a Times Of India report, the 16-year-old student from Mumbai city in the Indian state of Maharashtra alleged that the neighbor’s wife was aware of the sexual assault but did nothing. The girl, daughter of a businessman, said that the couple had been feeding her aphrodisiacs in the form of tablets and injections.

The duo was arrested. However, the husband and wife have denied the allegations.

Police said they found a 27-page note apparently written by the girl to her parents. In the letter, the girl alleged that she got addicted to the aphrodisiacs. The note also mentions that "the neighbor threatened her by telling her that he had a video clip of the sexual act and started blackmailing her. She eventually went into depression," a senior police official was cited as saying by The Times Of India.

After the abuse became unbearable, the girl approached her paternal cousin, who lived in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and narrated her ordeal.

Police said that as per the girl, the 19-year-old cousin then got into a “relationship” with her and “promised to marry her.” She also claimed that her uncle knew about the relationship and agreed to the marriage.

The teen, according to police, said she was asked to travel to Uttar Pradesh where she was “kidnapped” by her cousin and uncle. They then approached her father, aiming to extort money from him. The father informed the police, following which an investigation was launched.

The police team located the girl in Uttar Pradesh and rescued her from her cousin and his father. Both the men were arrested and the girl opened up to police about the sexual abuse.

A similar case of child abuse was reported in April where a minor girl was sold off by her parents into marriage. The victim, who was gang-raped by her in-laws, later fled the marital home and approached a relative for help. Though she sought his help to approach the police, he denied it, following which, she escaped on a train and was rescued by the Railway Protection Force.

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